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AP Economics

To see eleven of the Final Exam Questions, scroll down to near the bottom of this page to where, in red, it says, "FINAL EXAM STUDY QUESTIONS"

To 2011 - 2012 Students - For your Summer Packet - scroll down to the bottom of this page where it says "Summer Packet" You need to study the .pdf and .doc files. You can print them out if you would like. Do not hesitate to contact me this summer either via my cell phone (630-248-5405) or email (bweiss9667@wowway.com). I look forward to seeing you in class and helping you to be very succesful in Economics!! Please remember I will be in Africa from July 5 - 30 and out of normal communications.

Getting College Economics Credit: Getting College Economics Credit - 2011 - 2012.doc
This class will prepare you to be successful on either the AP Economics Exams or the CLEP Economics Exams. We will discuss this in class. Schedule for AP Economics Review:
Spring 2012 Review Schedule: Spring 2012 Review Schedule.xls
Links to Classroom Pics:

Spring 2012
2nd Period - APE_-_2nd_Period.JPG8th Period - AP_Economics_-_8th_Period.JPG

Fall 2011 - 2nd Period:
2nd Period: Fall_2011_-_AP_Economics_-_2nd_Period.JPG
6th Period: Fall_2011_-_AP_Economics_-_6th_Period.JPG
8th Period: Fall_2011_-_AP_Economics_-_8th_Period.JPG

General Statement on Homework:

This class has homework virtually every day as we work our way though the material in he packets. To be successful in this class you need to do each days homework so you are familiar with this material before we go over it in class. There can be pop quizes at any time. If you are falling behind, please spend some time with me either during a free period or before or after school. Be sure to check your grade at least once a week at MyGradebook

Classroom Work/Homework: Week of 5/14/2012: Mon & Tues - Finish covering Macro Unit 5; On Wednesday we will have a "mini" test that will be multiple choice only; On Thursday and Friday we will wrap up this semester!; No More articles are due! See you at graduation!
Make sure each day you have done the work we will be covering that day in order to get the most out of each classes!; Remember that all of the answers to the questions in your packet are on my wiki page. Click on the PDF File for that Unit!
Next Article Due: NO more articles are dueNext Test Will Be: Macro Unit 5 - Wednesday, May 16, 2012Final will be 45 MC Questions on Micro and Macro - Some of the Questions actually on the test are in the section below called "Final Exam Study Questions"

Next Pop Quiz - Anytime!

Commodities Prediction Project
- Fall 2011 -
Commodities Prediction Form - Due 9/6:
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Commodities Project -
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Due 1/4;

Spring 2012 - Commodities Prediction Form - Due 2/1:
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Commodities Project -
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Commodities Predictions: (click on the tab at the bottom for your period) Fall 2011 -
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Spring 2011 -
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Research Papers
- Fall 2011 - Research Paper Project Fall 2011 - Research Paper - Fall 2011.doc
Social Issues Paper - Thurs 10/6; Genocide Paper - Thurs 11/17;Federal Government Economic Policy - Wed. 1/5
Spring 2012 - Research Paper Project Spring 2012 - Research Paper - Spring 2012.doc
Social Issues Paper - Thurs 2/24; Genocide Paper - Thurs 4/12; Federal Government Policy - Thurs 5/10;

Here are the key documents you need to have for this class. Click the link to the document to see it.

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Friday Article Form: Friday New Article Report - AP Economics.doc
Goals of the Class:
; Rules of the Class:
AP/CLEP Test Information: CLEP Option.ppt; Web Sites as Resources and AP Prep Books.ppt; College Board Web Site for AP Tests
Learning Targets:
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Review Questions for Review in Class:The following Powerpoint Slides include Questions we will review in class as part of preparing for a Unit Test. Feel free to print these out if you want to. We will answer these in class. About half of these questions are actual questions from the test and the other half will help prepare you for the test. It is expected that you will have reviewed these questions before we go over them in class.
Micro Unit 1: Micro - Unit 1.ppt;
Micro Unit 2: Micro - Unit 2.ppt;
Micro Unit 3: Micro - Unit 3.ppt
Micro Unit 4: Micro - Unit 4.ppt;
Micro Unit 5: **Micro - Unit 5.ppt**

Macro Unit 2: Macro - Unit 2.ppt;
Macro Unit 3: Macro - Unit 3.ppt; ;

Macro Unit 4: Macro - Unit 4.ppt (correct answer for # 5 is D)
Macro Unit 5: Macro - Unit 5.ppt;
Macro Unit 6: Macro - Unit 6.ppt*

Review Questions for Unit Tests: The questions and answers below are for you to review in preparing for a test. About one half of these questions are actual questions on the test and the other half will prepare you for the test. We will review other questions and answers in class.
Micro Unit 1: MC Questions - print version.doc; MC Questions & Answers - Print Version.doc; Long Response Questions & Answers.doc

Micro Unit 2: MC questions to print Micro 2.doc;, MC questions and answers - to print.doc, Short Response Questions and answers.doc; Long Response Questions.doc; Long Response Questions and answers.doc

Micro Unit 3: MC Questions to print Micro 3.doc, MC Questions & Answers.doc, Short Answer Questions.doc, Short Answer Questions & Answers.doc, Long answers questions only.doc, **Long answer questions and answers to print.doc**

Micro Unit 4: MC Questions to print Micro 4.doc, MC Questions & Answers Micro 4.doc, Short #5 question.bmp, Short #5 Q&A.bmp, Short Question 6.doc, Short Q & A 6.doc, Long 4 Question.doc, Long 4 Q & A.doc

Micro Unit 5: Practice MC Questions - print version.doc, Practice MC Questions & Answers.doc, SAE Questions 1 & 4.doc, SAE Questions & answers 1 & 4.doc, SAE #5 Q.bmp, SAE #5 Q & A.bmp, LAE #3 Q.bmp, LAE #3 Q & A.bmp
Macro Unit 2: Practice Test Questions - Print version.doc, Practice Test Questions and Answers.doc, SAE - Questions.doc, SAE - Questions and Answers.doc
Macro Unit 3: MC Questions - to print Macro 3.doc, MC Questions & Answers Macro 3.doc, SAE Practice Questions.doc, SAE Practice Questions & Answers.doc, LAE Practice Questions.doc, LAE Practice Questions & Answers.doc
Macro Unit 4: MC Questions - to print.doc, MC Questions & Answers Macro 4.doc, SAE Questions to print.doc, SAE #3 question and answer.doc, SAE #4 question and answer.doc, SAE #5 question and answer.doc, SAE #6 question and answer.doc, LAE Questions.doc, LAE #3 question and answer.doc

Macro Unit 5: MC Questions Macro 5 - print version.doc, MC Questions & Answers Macro 5.doc, SAE Questions.doc, SAE Questions & Answers.doc, LAE Questions.doc, **LAE Questions & Answers.doc**

Macro Unit 6: MC Questions.doc, __**MC Questions & Answers Macro 6.doc**__

Answers for Packet Units: (To view a .PDF file you need to have Acrobat Reader on your computer. If you do not have it now, you can download it for free by going to: Acrobat Reader Download

- Micro Unit 3 Introduction - Micro Unit 3 Introduction.doc
- Micro Unit 3 Activities 1, 2, 3 & 4

- Micro Unit 3 Activities 5, 6 & 7
- Micro Unit 4 Micro; Micro Unit 4 Introduction - Micro Unit 4 Introduction.doc
- Micro Unit 5 - Micro Unit 5 Introduction - Micro Unit 5 Introduction.doc
- Macro Unit 2 - Lessons 1, 2 & 3; Lessons 4 & 5 - - Macro Unit 2 Introduction
- Macro Unit 3 - Macro Unit 3 Introduction
- Macro Unit 4 - Lessons 1, 2, 3, & 4; Lessons 5 & 6 - - Macro Unit 4 Introduction
- Macro Unit 5 - Macro Unit 5 Introduction
- Macro Unit 6 - Macro Unit 6 Introduction


The two links here are questions to help you study for the Final Exam.

2011 Summer Work:
AP-Honors Economics Honors/AP Economics Packet must be completed before the first day of class. Summer Packet: Cover Sheet: AP-Honors Economics Summer Packet Instructions 2011.doc

The files below represent the information you need to know as best as possible on the first day of class. These files are the questions AND the answers for the first two units. On the third day of class, you will have a quiz on this information. I do not expect you to know everything here, but I do expect you to give it your best effort, look up things you do not understand. Please do not be shy about contacting me with your questions!

- Micro Unit 1 (Just Added!!)
- Micro Unit 2 - Activities 1, 2 & 3 (Just Added!!)
- Micro Unit 2 - Activities 4, 5 & 6