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Current World Problems

School District U-46 has taken Current World Problems out of the curriculum. See International Relations.

To Fall 2009 and Spring 2010 Students: It has been an honor and a privilege to be your teacher this past semester. Please keep in touch and go out and make this world a better place!! Mr. Weiss

Here are the key documents you need to have for this class. Use this site to help you be very successful in this class so you can go out into the world and make it a much better place for all of us. And remember, ALWAYS, ALWAYS be an upstander! Click on the link to the document to see it. Be sure to check your grade at least once a week at MyGradebook.

Work This Week: Week of 5/24; Mon - Fri - Learning more about the world!
Group Presentations are all due on April 1 !!!; Each day you need to make sure you read any and all material that has been passed out. To get the most out of each class period, you need to be up on any reading and other assignments.
Next Test - Rwandan Genocide - Tuesday, May 11
Next Current Events Quiz- Friday Current Events Quiz - Every Friday you will have a quiz that will be 10 multiple choice questions plus some opportunity for Extra Credit that will come from the articles you have been working on from the Chicago Tribune during the week.)
Group Presentations: Due Date: April 1 !!!! - Click here to get the documents that show the groups with their topics. (List of groups and topics) To know exactly what is expected of you in this presentation, click on both of the following documents (I have passed these out in class) - **Questions to be answered for presentations.doc;****Group Presentation Topics and Instructions.doc**
Action Item Project: This project is due on TBA. Click here to get the document explaining what needs to be done: **Action Item Project 2009-2010.doc**
Daily Newspaper Work:
Make sure that each day you look in the World Articles in The Tribune for an article on the topic of the week and summarize it on the bottom of the front page of the form. Then for the back of that form, summarize any two other world articles that day. Also, you must complete one Editorial/Commentary form each week which means you need to find two world editorials or commentaries each week to summarize.
Daily Newspaper Journal: Daily Newspaper Journal Ver 6.doc
State of The World Clock: Initial Form: **Initial Form.doc**; Weekly Update Form: **Weekly update form.doc** Goals of the Class: **cwp** goals.ppt - Rules of the Class: CWP Rules.ppt - Syllabus: **Syllabus-CWP- 2009-2010.ppt**
Learning Targets: **Current World Problems Learning Targets.doc**

For more information on Genocide in general and specific genocides, go to the menu on the top left of this page and click on Genocide; This will lead you to many great web sites on these topics.