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Welcome to Freshmen Baseball 2012! Our season is off and running! Please keep up to date on our schedule at www.athletics2000.com/bartlett. If you have any comments, questions or complaints, please contact Coach Weiss at bweiss9667@wowway.com or per my mobile at 6302485405.


Special Announcement From the ISHA on a bat that is NOT approved:

The 33" MARUCCI 5^2 BBCOR bat has not met standards and is not approved for use for the 2012 season. All other sizes of the CAT 5^2 and MARUCCI models are approved for play. This is the only BBCOR bat that has not been certified.

For Information on which bats are legal to use go to:
Parent Meeting for parents of all levels of Bartlett High School Baseball: Saturday, March 3, 2012
Freshmen Parent Meeting: Saturday, March 10, 2012 - Noon til about 1 pm - Room A A307
Key Freshmen Baseball Information:
Double Headers - Please bring food for the boys between games..they may not leave the field!

Not getting emails from me? Parents-If you're not getting emails from me but want to be on my email list, email me at brettweiss@u-46.org Thanks!

Need additions or subtractions to the phone numbers being use for Callingpost? - Please send me an email.
Schedule: You can always see a schedule at http://www.athletics2000.com/bartlett/ however remember it is always subject to change and we will keep you up on the changes via this site, Callingpost and email.

Practices: Monday thru Saturday, when we do not have a game we will practice. During the week after school and on Fridays we will let the boys know what our Saturday plans are. Our practice policy is that if a boy misses a practice without telling us and for a legitimate reason, they will miss the next game.

When is a player not eligible to play? All coaches get a weekly report that is generated each Wednesday from reports teachers fill out listing who is failing and who is near failing in their classes. Any student who is not passing 5 classes, is not eligible for the next week. If you have any questions please talk to the coaches. Please know we always stress to your sons the importance of being successful with their studies and that this is much more important than baseball!

Documents for the boys on the team:
Top Ten Keys: **Top Ten Keys To Play Winning Freshman High School Baseball.doc**
Excerpts from Ryne Sandburg's Hall of Fame Speech (Yes...even a White Sox fan is a huge fan of Ryne Sandburg!!): **Excerpts from Ryne Sandburg.doc**
Baseball Summer Camp Information: We would like to see all of the Freshmen Baseball Players take part in the summer baseball camp. Details will be coming about the dates and plans for the Summer 2012 Camp.