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International Relations - Mr. Weiss - 2016 - 2017
The mission/goal for International Relations is: The mission/overall goal of this class is to help each of you learn about some of the biggest areas of failure going on today (ie; Iraq, Iran, North Korea, Afghanistan, and the Palestinians, and over the past 100 years (Genocide) in International Relations, so you can take that knowledge and go out and become UPSTANDERS, not bystanders. Thus, you will go out and make the world a better place and leave your children and grandchildren a world better than the one that is being left to you!
Schedule: Week of 5/15/17 - We will talk more about Darfur and see the movie, "Life Is Beautiful" No more articles.

I hope you enjoyed our Chinese Food Day!!

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Week of 5/1 - We will finish up "Sometimes In Apri", talk about it, Then we will continue to learn more about the Rwandan Genocide. I did not really talk last week about doing an article on Belgium, so if you did not turn one in last week, please do one this week.
Due Dates Coming Up: Projects
Next Article Due Date: Friday - 5/5/17 - Article on Belgium;. Be sure to fill out both sides of the form and staple the article to the back of the form
Article Form: Weekly Article Form.doc
Next Test: Rwandan Genocide - TBA

International Relations Syllabus, Rules and Goals: //

International Relations Friday Article Form:
Group Presentation Documents:
International Relations Learning Targets:
PowerPoints that will be used in this class:Introduction/Overview PowerPoint on International Relations:
Islam PowerPoint:
Islam Packet Questions: Islam Packet Questions Questions.doc
China PowerPoints:

China Packet Questions: Questions on China for email.doc

Genocide PowerPoint:
Genocide Packet Questions:
Genocide Packet Overview Questions.doc__

Sneetches PowerPoint:
Armenian Genocide PowerPoint:
Armenian Genocide Packet Questions: Armenian Genocide Questions.doc

Ukrainian Famine/Genocide PowerPoint:Ukrainian Famine/Genocide Packet Questions: Ukrainian Genocide-Famine Questions.doc

The Holocaust PowerPoint: Holocaust Packet Questions: Holocaust Packet Questions.doc

Eight Stages of The Holocaust PowerPoint:
Cambodian Genocide PowerPoint:

Cambodian Genocide Packet Questions: Cambodian Genocide Packet Questions.doc

The Berlin Conference PowerPoint:
The History of Rwanda PowerPoint:

Rwandan Genocide PowerPoint:

Rwandan Genocide Packet Questions: Rwandan Genocide Packet Questions.doc

Rwanda 2011 (Overview of my 8 days in Rwanda):

Darfur, Sudan Genocide PowerPoint:

Darfur, Sudan Genocide Packet Questions: Darfur genocide packet questions.doc

Final [[#|Exam Study Guide]]:

Misc. Materials: