Mr. Weiss - Regular Economics 2016 - 2017 School Year.

The goal of this class is to turn out students who have an excellent understanding of the day to day realities of the rights and responsibilities they will have as Economic citizens. Another goal is to give each student some understanding of the Principles of Economics. When the students leave this class, they should have an excellent start on the practical understanding of things like buying cars, homes, doing taxes, comparison shopping, proper use of credit, etc. We want to turn out students who will be able to make smart decisions in an ever complex world of being a consumer.

Week of 5/5/17: Monday - Friday - we will talk about buying food, using credit cards and close out the semester.

Next Article Due Date: NO MORE ARTICLES;; Remember to staple the article to the back of the form, and completely fill out both sides of the form. You MUST use the form and turn the article in on time. Otherwise you will only get half credit.

Project Due Dates:

Friday News Article Form:

Video Observation Form:

Sample Video Observation Form:

Next Test:

Commodities Paper Due:

Giving Back Project Due:




Documents for "The Island Game":

Final Exam (Will be worth 20% of your overrall grade)

In order to take the final exam and pass the class, all previous work must be turned in.

Class Picture - Spring 2017
4th Period

Everything below here is from old Economic's Classes of Mr. Weiss'.

Economics - Mr. Weiss - School Year 2013 - 2014
Class Overview: At the end of this class it is expected that students will have a good understanding of both the principles and theories of Economics as well as their role and responsibilities as a consumer in our mixed market economy. Students will learn through a combination of traditional textbook concepts and the day to day realtities of the world. As your teacher I expect this class and your education to be very important to you and for you to give 100% effort each andvery day.

This Week: Week of: 4/14/14 - Mon - Chpt 17 - Sec 1 & 2; Tues - Sec 3; Wed - Vocab Review of Unit 5; Thurs - MC Review of Unit 5 and article due; You will have at Test on Unit 5 on Monday; We will also review the Consumer Budget Project this week and The Giving Back Project;
You need to being working on the Consumer Budget Project that is due Friday, May 9th
"Giving Back" Project is due Friday, May 9th
Commodities Project is due Wednesday, May 7th

Next Article Due: Thursday, April 17th - Article Due - (Make sure you include a complete form on top with the article stapled to the back of the form)
Next Test Is: Unit 5 - Monday, April 21st
Projects Due Date

Commodities Paper - Wednesday, May 7th
Giving Back Project - Friday, May 9th
Consumer Budget Project - Friday, May 9th

Classroom Pictures - Spring 2014 - 5th Period: Spring 2014 - Economics - Fifth Period.jpg

Classroom Pictures - Fall 2013 - 7th Period: Economics - 7th Period - Fall 2013.jpg

Key Documents:
Friday Article Form: Friday New Article Report - Economics.doc
Rules: Reg Econ Rules.ppt
Goals: Reg Econ Goals.ppt

Learning Targets:
1st Quarter Learning Targets: Learning Targets - 1st Quarter.doc
1st Quarter Essential Vocabulary & Definitions:
Essential Vocab - 1st Quarter.doc
2nd Quarter Learning Targets: Learning Targets - 2nd Quarter.doc
2nd Quarter Essential Vocabulary & Definitions:
Essential Vocab - 2ndQuarter.doc

"Giving Back" Project:
Consumer Budget Project -
Spreadsheet to be filled in:

The following two files tell you exactly what the test on that unit is going to be on:

Key Concepts for Each Unit:

Key Vocabulary Words for Each Unit:

Key Unit Vocabulary Words (Make sure you know the meaning of each of these when we review for a Unit Test and for the actual test.)
Unit 1:
Unit 2:
Unit 3:
Unit 5:
Unit 6:
Commodities Project:
Fall 2013:
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Spring 2014:
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Predictions Form - Fall 2013:
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Predictions Form - Spring 2014:
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Actual Predictions: Fall 2013:
Actual Predictions: Spring 2014
Chapter PowerPoints:
Chapter 1:
Chapter 2:
Chapter 3:
Chapter 4:
Chapter 5:
Chapter 6:
Chapter 7:
Chapter 8:
Chapter 9:
Chapter 10:
Chapter 11:
Chapter 12:
Chapter 13:
Chapter 14:
Chapter 15:
Chapter 16:
Chapter 17:
Chapter 18:
Chapter 19:
Chapter 20:

Unit Review Questions (Review these Questions and answers to study for a test): Some of these questions are actual questions on the test and the others are similar to questions on the test.__

Unit 1: Unit 1 Practice MC Questions.ppt
Unit 2: Unit 2 Practice MC Questions.ppt
Unit 3: Unit 3 Practice MC Questions.ppt
Unit 4: Unit 4 Practice MC Questions.ppt
Unit 5: Unit 5 Practice MC Questions.ppt
Unit 6: Unit 6 Practice MC Questions.ppt
Final Exam: Final Exam Practice Questions.doc (This is a sample final and some of the questions are on the actual final and others are similar to the questions on the final.)