School Bags and Uniforms for Dago, Kenya
This Spring we collected donations to buy School Bags and Uniforms for as many of the children of the Dago Kogelo Primary School as we can. Most of the children there have no ability to buy these things on their own and they must have these items to go to school. Exciting News: Contributions from my students and members of the Freshmen Baseball Team, along with my contribution, have added up to $700.00!! The money is on the way to Dago, Kenya and I will report back with pictures as soon as the children get the uniforms and bags! Thanks so much to everyone who contributed!!

The money we raised will be buying new uniforms for 79 children who either had no uniform and a torn one, and half the costs of new school bags for 260 students!

Here are pictures of the Dago children being fitted for new uniforms and then receiving the uniforms and school backpacks:
Pics of Dago Children getting new school bags.ppt

All of you who contributed should feel great about helping these wonderful and deserving children and making the world a better place!!!