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Mr. Weiss is not teaching US History in 2013 - 2014.

Welcome to United States History! The goal of this class is to give you the tools and the passion to become a life long learner of U.S. History. In accomplishing this goal I want to turn each of you into people who will go out into the world and make this country an even better country than it already is. Get to class every day, on time and be prepared to work very, very hard! Check this wiki spaces page each and everyday to keep up on what is happening in the class! Check MyGradebook.com (MyGradebook) at least once a week to stay informed on your grade!

Plan for the week: REMEMBER - it is expected that before we cover any material in the textbook, that you have read that material so you can get the most out of class time!!
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Key Due Dates:
Here are the key documents of the class:
Syllabus: **USH Syllabus.ppt**
Friday Article Form: Friday New Article Report - US History.doc (Remember - An article is due every week on Friday when we have school on a Friday!)
Participation Points Explanation: Rubric for Part Points.ppt
Board Work/Notes Points Explained: Board Work - Note Taking Instructions.ppt
Second Semester "Shoah" Project - Here is the assignment: Shoah_Project.doc
Rules of the Class: **USH Rules.ppt**
Goals of the Class: USH Goals.ppt
Theme of the Class: USH Theme.ppt
Why Study U.S. History:** Why Study US History.ppt