Placide and I at Nyarubuye. He survived the genocide as a 6 year old boy.
Africa 2011- Kenya and Rwanda
"Bartlett the Cow" in Dago, Kenya. Donated by Bartlett High School Students.
Victor - A Dago boy I sponsor

Hotel des Milles Collines - The real "Hotel Rwanda"

On this page I will share my Africa 2011 Trip with you. On here you will have access to all of my pictures, videos, daily journal and other items. This trip was beyond amazing and in reality there are no words to describe my days in Kenya and Rwanda. In Kenya I spent 5 days with the Maasai people, 10 days in Dago with the Luo people (Mama Pamela and Duncan - the same people I spent two weeks with in 2009) and then 8 days in Rwanda. In my two stops in Kenya I was there to learn about the people, culture, etc. and then to help in the schools and community in any way I could. My 8 days in Rwanda were to study the 1994 genocide where I visited many of the genocide memorials and met with many survivors. Looking at my pictures, videos and reading my words will allow you to have some of the experiences I have had, however, of course, nothing can take the place of actually going to these places. I must give special thanks to Emmanuel and Lillian who were my hosts in Maasai country, Mama Pamela and Duncan my hosts in Dago and Glenn and Erika my hosts in Rwanda! None of this was possible without their great hospitality and spirit of love and giving. Also, a big thanks to Village Volunteers, Shana Greene and her staff who coordinate all of this for me and without them none of my Africa experiences would have ever happened!! I hope you enjoy and if you have any questions, please never hesitate to contact me:

Brett Weiss
Mobile: 1-630-248-5405

Village Volunteers:

My two trips to Africa and all of the good things that have come as a result could never, never have happened without the amazing organization, Village Volunteers out of Seattle, WA. VV was founded and is run by the wonderful Ms. Shana Greene. Shana and her staff have been a tremendous help in everything I have done regarding Africa. If you are in any way considering doing some volunteer work somewhere in the world, check out the Village Volunteers Website ( and see all of the places you can go to with their help. They are professionals and committed to helping you make the most of your volunteer experience. You can call VV at 1-206-577-0515.

Pictures: To see my pictures from this trip, go to my Facebook page (Brett Weiss) and go to photo albums. Their is a folder for Rwanda 2011 and Kenya 2011. Enjoy!

Daily Journal: Click below and you can read the day to day journal I kept on this trip with my thoughts on each day and some final thoughts. I have edited this several times, but please forgive me if I have any spelling or grammar errors.

Videos: Below are some of the videos I took on this trip. I have uplaoded them to You Tube and have the link here with the length of time of each video.

Masai Mara - Elephants1 minute - 5 seconds
Masai Mara - Elephants 47 seconds
Masai Mara - Buffalo 47 seconds
Masai Mara - Crocodiles 21 seconds
Maasai wives singing 1 minute - 20 seconds
Maasai wives singing with me in middle 19 seconds
Class at Maasai Private School 3 minutes and 24 seconds
Class at Maasai Private School 4 minutes and 50 seconds
Class at Maasai Private School 5 minutes and 25 seconds
Class 8 - Social Studies - Dago, Kenya 9 minutes and 55 seconds
Class at Maasai Primary School 8 minutes and 24 seconds
Class at Dago Primary School 2 minutes and 40 seconds
Party for the Dago children by the orphanage 7 minutes and 46 seconds
Dago - Class 2 - Schilling Lesson 7 minutes and 19 seconds
Dago School - Class 6, 7 & 8 Debate 29 minutes and 50 seconds
Class 8 English Class - Dago Primary School 21 minutes and 47 seconds
Opening Ceremony - Dago Primary School 9 minutes and 27 seconds
Closing Ceremony - Dago Primary School 7 minutes and 57 seconds
Pastoral Program - Dago Primary School 29 minutes and 39 seconds
Two ladies singing at Dago Church 55 seconds
Collection at Dago Church 1 minute and 35 seconds
Group singing at Dago Church 3 minutes and 55 seconds
Prayers at Dago Church - Mama Pamela & Ediwn Odoyo 1 minute and 48 seconds
Class 4 Singing - Dago Primary School 1 minute and 37 seconds

This is a link to the document that summarizes the story we heard at the Genocide Memorial Site at Nyanza. Nyanza Interviews Narrative Summary.doc
Nyanza Interview - Part 1 11 minutes and 40 seconds
Nyanza Interview - Part 2 3 minutes and 22 seconds
Nyanza Interview - Part 3 3 minutes and 53 seconds
Nyanza Interview - Part 4 2 minutes and 50 seconds

Beach at Lake Kivu - Gisenyi, Rwanda 1 minute and 13 seconds
Man singing to cow at Tutsi King Museum 1 minute and 31 seconds
Part of Catholic Church Service - Kibuye, Rwanda 10 minutes and 54 seconds
Grimpuhwe Women's Association per HIV-AIDS Support 1 minute and 36 seconds

This is a link to the document that summarizes the story Placide tells in the 7 parts below on how he, as a 6 year old boy, survives the genocide. It takes about 30 minutes and it is an amazing video that tells a story of incredible courage. Placide Interview Summary.doc
Interview with Placide - Part 1 10 minutes and 23 seconds
Interview with Placide - Part 2 5 minutes and 31 seconds
Interview with Placide - Part 3 5 minutes and 42 seconds
Interview with Placide - Part 4 41 seconds
Interview with Placide - Part 5 58 seconds
Interview with Placide - Part 6 2 minutes and 49 seconds
Interview with Placide - Part 7 3 minutes and 45 seconds